Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thailand - Phi Phi

After our 24 hour food poisoning hell, (plus we'd finally had enough of Emmerdale re-runs) we ventured out to the real world again!! We went to the cafe next door, had some plain toast and a cup of tea and nothing bad happened, phew! So we trotted down to the beach for the day.

one of the bars on the beach

one of the flyers for the beach bars, we really wanted to go out, but don't think our tummy's would have let us take a full night of whisky buckets and cocktails! Would have loved to have danced around to a bit of Thai d'n'b!

spotted these two lads on the beach, they just put their suncream on like this and didn't rub it in... weirdos

fish nibbling your feet - this little kid was yelping!

sorry had to add this... his trunks just looked like underpants.. what the..?

all the little streets and shops are packed right in on the island

was the night of the lantern festival, people set these off into the water

As we'd missed the day of snorkelling we booked ourselves back on it for the following day and ohmygod, we're SO glad we did!!

It was, hands down, the best day of our trip so far!  The boat we were on took us, and about 20 others, to 4 snorkelling spots around the island of Ko Phi Phi.  First we went to Shark Point, where there is supposedly lots of 'Black Tipped Reef Sharks', which are meant to be harmless.  We didn't see any sharks, much to Marts disappointment and my pleasure! and then to Bamboo Island (WOW), then to Monkey Beach, then to Maya Bay.

The trip was soo fantastic, as soon as we put our gear on and popped our heads underwater at Shark Point, it was like being in an aquarium with hundreds and hundreds of fish of all different varieties! It was absolutely breathtaking! Luckily we got a gorgeous sunny day with no clouds in the sky which made the sea so clear and blue. 

Unfortunately by the time the boat got us to Maya Bay (where the film 'The Beach' was filmed) the sun had started to go down, so it wasn't as stunning as it would have been earlier in the day, also, as you can imagine, it was filled with hundreds and hundreds of tourists, which kind of takes the shine off it a bit.  But we didn't care as the highlight for us was the snorkelling - it was fantastic!  We're in Railay now, but we're going back to Phi Phi in about 3 days so that we can do this tour again, and it only cost us 10pounds each! bargain!

Will update the blog on our time with Gemma and James in a couple of days, thought that our Phi Phi snorkelling trip deserved a little blog of its own as we loved it so much!

Ems & Mart


  1. Amazing! Ben and I are so jealous as we try to keep warm under a blanket on the sofa, the the noise of football coming from his laptop. The car themometer said -3.5 this morning as we made our way to Southgate council pool for our Sunday swim! Where do you think we'd rather be. x x x x x Keep blogging! x x x x

    Kate x

  2. Looks superb mate - jealous!

  3. We are planning to visit Krabi in mid-Oct and would like to do some diving and snorkeling in the area.

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