Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We've arrived!!!

The Holdens have landed in Bangkok!! it's hot hot hot!!

Had a great flight, watched loads of movies (A-Team for Mart and Sex & The City 2 for me.... obviously!) and treated ourselves to some sparkling wine and had a little toast to our trip - I think our seat neighbours got annoyed at us tipsy chatting away.. oh well!

We landed about 3.30pm and welcomed the 30degree heat with open arms..mmmm!! 

Hotel is gorgeous, a definite little sanctuary in the middle of Bangkok, with a roof top bar and swimming pool (which I've just had a dip in)


We had a quick shower and then headed out.  Grabbed a tuk tuk and found some dinner at really tasty street food stall. 

By the time we'd finished dinner and a couple of beers we were definitely feeling the jet lag kicking in and ended up having an 11hour sleep! we totally needed it.

Today we had some brekky and then on Lou's recommendation (thank you!) we headed to Kala Spa to let the fish nibble on our toes and a massage.

Massage was a bit of a shock to the system...she was so rough with me, I felt like a little doll being thrown and bent into different positions! But think it got rid of the 10 hour flight aches and pains anyway.

Right we're just about to head out for a Thai Green Curry and have spotted that our hotel do Mojito's... would be rude not to try them out wouldn't it?

Flying upto Chiang Mai in the morning where we're checking into a bit of a honeymoon luxury style hotel...can't wait!




  1. Excellent Blog Em, looks like you are having a great time. Don't forget to keep posting pics of the FOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!


  2. Ooh yes, have taken a few, will put into next blog x

  3. Looks lovely, so jealous can't wait for the next blog, luv you both mum xx

  4. So amazing already...eek were the fish icky? Enjoy your lux honeymoon hotel! xxx

  5. Jealous....jealous....jealous! Mainly of the 11 hour sleep! Ha Ha! Looks fabulous. Take care remember what we said...keep checking bag..hehe. xsophx